The SCIDpda is amending its by-laws. This amendment is the first major amendment in many years. This amendment reflects:
  • Amendments to the SCIDpda Charter, adopted in 2016, which include:
    • Changing the Council to a Board
    • Changing the Board to a governance body
    • Changing the Chairman to a President
    • Eliminating the Constituency classification
    • Changing the minimum/maximum board member numbers to 9/17
  • Improvements in technology, thus allowing board to attend meetings via phone or some other tool
  • Updates in regulations related to PDAs.
The by-laws revisions have been reviewed by the City of Seattle’s Office of Intergovernmental Relations.
The proposed amendments will be discussed and potentially voted on at the February 2018 SCIDpda Board Meeting.  The proposed amended by-laws are available for public viewing at:
SCIDpda Main Offices
409 Maynard Ave. S. #P-2
Seattle, WA  98104
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
1 PM – 5 PM
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