Effective March 1, 2019: SCIDpda transitions ownership and management of Legacy House and Senior Services to International Community Health Services (ICHS). Please contact 206-292-5184  or visit ICHS’s Healthy Aging and Wellness Program for information on accessing services.

A message from Maiko Winkler-Chin, Executive Director of SCIDpda:

As often happens, SCIDpda saw a need and tried to meet it. But as Senior Services became less about housing and more about health and medical services, we realized we were not the best people to manage these programs. This became more clear as we began planning for a Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly that involved ICHS, Kin On, and SCIDpda. The leadership and expertise of ICHS convinced us that ICHS would be an excellent partner and the right organization to take over Legacy House.

Our heads tell us that this is the right decision. My head knows that this is the right decision because we cannot support Senior Services as well as we would like. Our expertise is in property management, not health management. This was not an easy decision, not one without our hearts getting involved – SCIDpda had developed Legacy House because we heard from our line staff and the community that we needed affordable, culturally-responsive senior care. We took it over in the early 2000s because we thought we could do better than the previous management entity.

Legacy House is the only affordable assisted-living facility in Washington state with an emphasis on serving multi-Asian clientele, and serves as a model for multi-cultural service providers across the nation.

We will miss Legacy House. You’re still with us in the district – just a slightly different role. The right thing is not always easy. And it may be emotionally painful for the SCIDpda, but in the end best for the community.

Maiko Winkler-Chin
Executive Director

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