The Window Security Film Project is an effort from the CID Small Business Relief Team (SBRT) to address the security issues that small businesses in the Chinatown International District (CID) have been experiencing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. CID businesses have been impacted by increased break-ins, burglary, and vandalism, in addition to the economic struggles of operating a small business during a pandemic. The increase in property damage has led to many businesses putting plywood boards up to cover their windows as a preventive measure. As the pandemic continues, business owners are understandably concerned about the risks of taking down the plywood and the impact on security and safety. There needed to be a way to address these concerns with concrete actions that alleviate the concerns for our community members and reduce the vulnerability of our small businesses, which is where security film comes in.

While no film guarantees complete protection, thick film prevents glass from scratching and scattering, and keeps intruders and projectiles out. Throughout the pandemic, more business owners have sought façade protection measures, including film, gates, lighting, and cameras. Transparent film is the most economical and least invasive. If a majority of storefronts have it, the district could be more resilient to crime.

The overarching goals of the Window Security Film Project are:
1) Discourage storefront vandalism and break-ins throughout Chinatown ID; and,
2) Support small business owners in protecting their storefronts while removing plywood.

The first round of security film was completed in September 2022, where the SBRT worked to replace broken glass for 15 businesses and install security film for 42 businesses.

As of April 2023, the second round of businesses to receive security film is almost complete, with 20 businesses receiving window glass replacement and 51 businesses receiving security film installation.  By the end of March 2024, we facilitated security film installation and glass replacement for 13 more businesses.

Thank you to our local contractors Pro-Tection Seattle, Perkins Glass, and A&C Glass for partnering with us to repair and reinforce windows and doors for CID small businesses.

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Before & After Photos

Round 2 Security Film Recipients

Round 2 Security Film Installation took place between December 2022 and April 2024.

663 Bistro
Alice’s Floral Designs
Anh Minh Money Transfer
Anh Shenh Herbs
Basic Cut Barber Shop
Call A Chicken
Chengdu Memory
Chung Chun Rice Hot Dog
Colors Abloom
Dim Sum King
Evergreen New-life LLC
Fortune Garden Inc.
Fuji Bakery
GLOBAL TRAVEL / Global Services LLC / Seattle Chinese Service
Global wireless station
Gourmet Noodle Bowl
Hello Em Café
International Model Toys
Insurance Pro
Jade Garden
Jian He Hang Company
Loving Hut Seattle Vegan Cuisine
Dim Sum Square
Amritsar Tadkas
New An Dong
Luke Health Insurance Center
Nam Phuong Bookstore
Northwest Auto Empire
Ocean Star
OneWorld Now
Panda Yogurt (Yomie’s)
Pho Ba
Pho Bac Boat
Pink Gorilla Games
Seattle Chiropractic Center
Seattle Gospel Center
Seattle Pinball Museum
Seattle Vision Clinic
Spring Roll House Deli
Tous les Jours Bakery
Tsukushinbo restaurant
Universal Tours
Vietnam House
Vital Tea Lounge (King St)
Vital Tea Lounge (Jackson St)
Washington State Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center
WKND – DADADA gallery
Vina Acupuncture
Vuu’s Beauty School
Yansan Oriental Herbs Center & Groceries
Bao An Tang Herb Shop
St. Paul Medical Clinic
Ngoc Tri Jewelry
New Gan Shan

Round 1 Security Film Recipients

Round 1 Security Film Installation took place between May 2022 and September 2022.

Bich Kieu Jewelry
Chu Minh Tofu and Vegan Deli
Fresh fruit juice and bubble tea
HKG Products
Loving Hut Seattle Vegan Cuisine
Mi La Cay Restaurant
Nguyễn Vũ Jewelry  
Ocean Pacific Travel
Phnom Penh Noodle house
Seattle Nail Supply
Song Phang Kong
Ten Sushi
Thành phát tài LLC
Viet Wah Supermarket
Wong Tung Seafood
American Hotel Hostel
Cake House
City Produce company
Crawfish King
Ho Ho seafood restaurant
Hood Famous Cafe + Bar
Jardin Tea
King Noodle
Oasis Tea Zone
Pho Hoa & Jazen Tea
Shanghai Garden Restaurant
Tabletop Village LLC
Tai Tung Inc
Asia Bar-b-que Fast Foods
Cindy’s Beauty Salon
Harmony Palace
Hair to you
Kau Kau BBQ Market & Restaurant
KOBO at Higo
Mike’s Noodle House
Pacific Range Hoods & Modern Trading Co.
Sizzling pot king
Szechuan Noodle Bowl
Washington State Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center

This project is funded by the Seattle Office of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund and a combination of other public funds and foundations.

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