The 2023 SCIDpda Annual Fundraiser, held on September 22 and themed “No Place Like Home,” was a resounding success! The event drew nearly 200 attendees to THE 101 in Pioneer Square for an unforgettable evening that helped the organization meet its fundraising goals through sponsorships, silent auction items, and the generous donations of the SCIDpda’s supporters.

Guests were warmly greeted at THE 101 with a reception featuring a delectable menu curated by Wildcats Catering. Hood Famous Cafe provided a delightful selection of coffee and tea, complemented by an array of cakes from Paper Cake.

The venue came alive with DJ Daps 1’s captivating music, and emcee Aleksa Manila took the stage to kick off the night’s program. Claudine Magbag wowed the audience with an engaging performance, leading the way for Aleksa to introduce a lineup of distinguished speakers: Board President Cindy Ju and Vice President Tiernan Martin, Co-Executive Directors Jamie Lee and Jared Jonson, and the esteemed Keynote Speaker, the Executive Director of the Denise Louie Education Center, Susan Yang. In addition to the inspiring speeches, guests eagerly participated in exciting auctions, vying for private dinners, sports match tickets, a handcrafted sweater, and an original painting, with lucky winners emerging by the end of the evening.

Above all, SCIDpda’s fundraiser was dedicated to advancing its mission of preserving, promoting, and developing the Chinatown International District. The community’s unwavering commitment to this noble cause shone brightly throughout the fundraising campaign and the night at THE 101. In the words of SCIDpda Co-Directors Jamie Lee and Jared Jonson, as expressed in their welcoming letter, this event truly captured the essence of our collective dedication to this vital mission:

Whether you are a dedicated longtime supporter, a new friend, or simply someone who’s captivated by this remarkable organization and the neighborhood it embraces, understand that you play a vital role in something truly extraordinary.

In an ever-changing world, the Chinatown International District stands as a place of culture, history, and community. Its bustling streets and diverse culture resound with the age-old saying: “There’s no place like home.”

At the heart of this exceptional neighborhood stands SCIDpda, a crucial caretaker of this profound sense of place. For 48 years, SCIDpda has been the steward of a vision that transcends generations. Today, we proudly continue this tradition of nurturing this cherished home—for those who live and work here and for those who visit and feel that Seattle becomes more like home because of it.

As we round our first year as Co-Executive Directors, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing to be part of this celebration. Join us in preserving and developing the community and the sense of place that defines the Chinatown International District. Together, we are the stewards of this home, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come.

Let us open our hearts and wallets, for in our generosity, we preserve not only the physical and economic homes of many, but also the cultural homes of countless more. Thank you for your generous support of SCIDpda.

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