The SCIDpda Bash was yet another successful community gathering and unique moment in the Chinatown International District! Guests gathered on the patio of Tamarind Tree to socialize, learn, and eat during the our Garden Party in Little Saigon. Music was curated by DJs Epaulets & Yung Barong, and food /drink was provided by Tamarind Tree. SCIDpda staff also brought guests on a walking tour of the CID prior to the bash.

On the surface SCIDpda Bash is a big fun party, but the event is underwritten to engage our audience on SCIDpda’s work in the neighborhood — while also re-imagining usage of outdoor space in the CID. Previously, the event was held in Canton Alley, the parking lot at Dynasty Room, and on the patio of Pho Bac. This type of creative placemaking alludes to SCIDpda’s year round efforts in the CID’s public realm, including less flashy and yet even more essential public space improvements like outdoor lighting, alleyway repavement, and public art installations that help give our neighborhood a deeper sense of placemaking/placekeeping, public safety, and vibrancy.

Additionally, SCIDpda Bash is a moment for our team to promote our recent and upcoming accomplishments in real estate development, affordable housing, and small business support. 13th & Fir FAMILY HOUSING, which just opened a few blocks away from Tamarind Tree, now provides 156 affordable units in the Yesler Terrace area. The North Lot, which could also been seen from the parking lot of Tamarind Tree, will bring 160 more units of affordable housing units to North Beacon Hill. Additionally, our staff has worked with contractors to provide local businesses with security film, and is organizing several artists to create murals that breathe life into newly activated spaces in our area.

If you’re looking forward to the next SCIDpda event, you don’t have to wait for long! The annual SCIDpda Fundraiser will take place on September 22 at THE 101 in Pioneer Square. If you’d like to be one of the first to buy tickets, please subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social media to stay in the know.

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